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About Nin

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The media, styles and inspirations of Nin Sarduy

Nin enjoys working with mixed media - from the rhythm of the potter’s wheel and sculptural nature of clay to the variety of inks and paints that create texture and movement on paper. The swirls of earthly colors seem timeless almost like an ancient calling.

Nin’s work is a story of a memory and passing of time.  Her work can be abstract or, at times, subjective.  The ambition of creating an atmosphere seems to always be present.  The beauty and attraction of the mountains, trees, rocks and nature, during the changing of seasons, eloquently captures the imagination and evokes feelings of quiet, peace, contentment and joy. 

The somber and somewhat still wintery scenes harken to the hope for new life.  Nin is always finding the colors in the shadows, and the lights that play on the tree trunks.  In her endeavors with the art, she has become prolific with the use of various forms of mixed media.  Nin has a unique and rather expressive sense of balance.  She never paints from photographs; simply drawing on the imagery from her extensive travels.

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